County Executive Ryan McMahon is a forward-thinking leader with a clear vision for Onondaga County.

Through an unwavering commitment to collaboration and a willingness to take bold steps, he sees a community that rises to its fullest potential.

Ryan is laser-focused on exceptional delivery of county services and the creation of innovative programs and policies that enhance the quality of life for all Onondaga County residents. With your support in the 2019 November election, Ryan will continue to deliver the services the people of Onondaga County deserve in his position as County Executive.


Policies & Initiatives

The PIE Plan

As County Executive, Ryan is, and will continue to be laser-focused on developing innovative policies and programs to address:

  • Poverty

  • Infrastructure

  • Economic development

Through his PIE Plan, Ryan is helping create an environment that leads to opportunities for economically disadvantaged residents and improved infrastructure to support exceptional service delivery; and welcomes new businesses while supporting existing businesses.


Investment in our Infrastructure





Ryan Reacts to News that Syracuse Area Unemployment Hit 19-Year Low in June

This is the result of people coming together, rolling up their sleeves and working for the betterment of our community. 

 Onondaga County has continuously made smart, strategic investments in our infrastructure. 

 We have put resources in our schools and recognized that investing in our children while they're young is smarter than having to help them after they've made a mistake. 

 We no longer lament what could have been, but celebrate the successes we have enjoyed and the successes that are yet to come. 

 The progress is undeniable and we are on the precipice of truly great things. We are all in this together! Read more.

County’s 911 Center Lauded by National Experts as the “Gold Standard”

A national expert in emergency dispatch services called Onondaga County’s 911 center the "gold standard" and said very few have similar standing. She also called the County's 911 center policies and procedures, the "Cadillac of CADs" - CADS is industry lingo for life-saving computer aided dispatch tools. Ryan expressed great satisfaction at this overwhelmingly positive vote of confidence in the county's 911 services - which he said reinforces his commitment to public safety and a strong infrastructure. Find out more.

Ryan Announces Expansion of Two Local Businesses Resulting in New Jobs

Ryan announced expansion of Propel Pharmacy in the town of Cicero and and Buckeye Corrugated to the now empty TR-20 Carrier facility. Propel Pharmacy, LLC - a nationwide telemedicine company that provides pharmaceutical delivery services - is expected to spend $750K on their expansion and create 40 new jobs over the next 5 years. Buckeye Corrugated manufactures corrugated packaging products and is expected to spend $1.3 million and create 11 new jobs.

He said these are just two of the most recent examples of the importance of organic business growth to the local economy and said the county will continue to support areas businesses to help them thrive here.

Executive Order Protects Renters from Lead Paint Risks

An executive order issued by Ryan will prevent County tax dollars from being used to support hazardous living conditions. 

“I think it is important for the public to know that at no point are we paying a landlord to have a tenant stay in a situation that is verified to have lead,” he said. The County offers to put the tenant in a new home, but it will legally protect them from eviction if they want to stay in the home that has lead. Lawmakers say this is a small step at the beginning of a long journey to help those living with lead. This new executive order is for homes subsidized by the County DSS. 

“If you live in a multi-family property and there's lead in one unit and the property owner receives assistance checks for multiple units, we are now going to hold all assistance checks until the lead issue is rectified in that one unit,” Ryan said. 

Find out more here and here.

Ryan Announces County’s Bond Rating Among Best in NYS including AAA Rating with Fitch Bond

Ryan announced that Onondaga County's high bond rating has been affirmed. “Responsible management of County taxpayer dollars has been one my top priorities. This has resulted in the lowest property tax rate in history, strong sales tax growth and a growing fund balance that protects the taxpayers and Onondaga County,” he said. “The momentum is on our side because Onondaga County has worked tirelessly to ensure that taxpayers keep more of their money while the County maintains a fiscally responsible rainy day fund. We are grateful to see Fitch and S&P recognize our prudent fiscal management as we work to address issues like poverty, infrastructure and economic development.”

In assigning the AA rating, S&P noted, “The rating reflects our opinion of the County’s very strong management with strong financial policies and practices under our financial management assessment methodology.”

As Ryan announced in his 2019 State of the County address, it is the County’s strong financial position and excellent credit rating that allowed it to refinance $20M worth of bonds resulting in over $1M in savings to County taxpayers.

Fitch noted in their AAA rating: “Fitch views the County’s control over spending as solid in light of its successful history…to control costs and reduce staff size.”

The AAA/AA rating means that bonds sold by Onondaga County are considered very high quality or “investment grade.” The ratings are based on Wall Street's analysis of Onondaga County's management and financial outlook. Onondaga County's bond ratings are among the best of any County in New York State which will result in significant savings for County taxpayers.

Local Company Expands and Hires in Dewitt

Cryomech - a global leader in cryocooler designer and manufacturing is expanding and hiring in Dewitt. Ryan said: “The best opportunities for economic growth will always be with those companies whose roots are right here. Read more.

Judge Orders ShoppingTown Mall to Pay $10M in Back Taxes; Cites Testimony from Ryan

In his ruling requiring ShoppingTown Mall to pay $10M in back taxes, Judge Anthony Paris referred to Ryan's testimony: “It is time to stop the bleeding of the county taxpayers who so far have footed the bill for the defendant’s brazen failure to pay its taxes.” Read more.

Syracuse Beats Out 250+ Cities for Major Grant for Tech Sector Jobs

JP Morgan Chase announced today that it has chosen Syracuse from a competitive pool of 250+ cities for a $3 million grant for tech sector jobs. The grant reinforces the recognized potential for our community as well as the strength of its leadership. Read more.

County Invests $235K in Construction of Tiny Homes for VetERANs in Need

Seven tiny homes will be constructed in the city in partnership with A Tiny Home for Good thanks to a grant from Onondaga County to support veterans in dire need of safe, affordable housing. The funds also pay for the cost of caseworkers to support the holistic needs of the vets. Learn more about a Tiny Home Good and the County initiative.

Ryan Takes a Stand Against Rezoning of Historic Home Site

To save the historic Wellington House in Manlius, Ryan has stepped forward in opposition to a rezoning proposal for the property that would lead to the structure being demolished or relocated. Find out more.

RYAN Unites Four Parties in Support of Campaign for County Exec

Ryan has submitted substantially more signatures than State law requires to qualify for the GOP, Conservative, and Independence Party lines in this Fall’s election. He has also received the support of the Libertarian Party to run on its line this Fall.

 “Because of the hard work of hundreds of volunteers and grassroots supporters across the County and across parties, our message that ‘we’re all in this together’ has unified the four diverse parties behind our campaign,” he said.  

Last week, with the help of more than 500 grassroots volunteers and supporters, McMahon for County Executive submitted signatures to the Onondaga County Board of Elections, including: 7K+ Republican signatures (1500 required); 1,600+ Independence signatures (564 required); • 500 Conservative signatures (179 required) 


Burial Fee Eliminated at Veterans Cemetery as Promised in State of the County Address

As promised in his State of the County address, Ryan worked with County legislators to pass legislation to eliminate the $500 burial fee for veterans and their families at the County’s veterans cemetery. The law takes effect May 1. Read more.

Ryan says federal funding will allow Syracuse Healthy Start to continue to support families to help them achieve optimal health for themselves and their children. Read more.

County Dedicates $5M Grant to Program to Reverse Infant Mortality & Perinatal Health Disparities

Problems with County’s Aging Sewer System Cannot Be Overlooked

It may be the least visible challenge in the County, but fixing our aging sewer system is one of the most urgent challenges we face. It affects quality of life and economic development. Find out more about the issue and Ryan’s plan to address it in the exclusive interview Ryan did with Channel 9.

RYAN ANNouNces New Way for Residents to Get Involved in the Community

Last week, Ryan announced the launch of a website where county residents can submit their resume to serve on a County Board. Onondaga County has 20+ boards and many have vacancies. The initiative is a direct result of input from local residents at several town hall forums Ryan has held the past few months. Find out how to submit resume.

Private Sector Partners Join COUNTY/CITY Efforts to Provide Employment Opportunities to Homeless

Several private sector partners including Destiny USA, Panera, Eddie Bauer and Carhartt today announced they are providing in-kind gifts - including clothes, shoes and food - to help advance the County/City initiative called Hire Ground run by My Father's Kitchen. The initiative aims to assist homeless individuals by giving them the opportunity for employment. 

Revitalizing County’s Suburban Main Streets is Essential to Economic Growth

Liverpool gets a million dollars for commercial corridor as part of County, Village, State collaboration. Read more.

Ryan Says SRC Jobs Announcement Shows Cluster Approach to Aerospace/Defense Field Works

SRC to add 130 jobs, showing County’s cluster approach to industry is already paying dividends. Read more.

Syracuse.com Editorial Board Calls for Action on Ryan’s Sewer Repairs Plan

Syracuse.com’s editorial board called for action on Ryan’s sewer repairs plan to address an issue growing in urgency. Read more.

STEAM School would support local economic development

STEAM School would help local tech and manufacturing employers to hire qualified candidates. Read more.

mcmahon working with Local Company to Give Abandoned Site a Second Chance and Promise of Jobs  

(By Rick Moriarty, Syracuse.com) For the past 12 years, the only regular visitors to the abandoned Syroco factory in Van Buren have been vandals. That could change soon.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon said United Auto Supply owner James Ranalli has agreed to buy the 205,066-square-foot building at 7528 State Fair Blvd. from the county for $500,000. The deal, which would require the county to seize the property for back taxes, is subject to approval by the county legislature.

McMahon said Ranalli would invest $6 million to redevelop the site for warehousing and distribution by multiple companies. At least 50 jobs would be created, he said.

Built in 1965, the factory produced plastic lawn furniture and wall decorations until Syroco (its original name was Syracuse Ornamental Co.) went bankrupt in June 2007, eliminating 154 local jobs. Since its closing, vandals have caused major damage to Syroco’s former offices at the front of the building.

The $500,000 purchase price would not quite cover the $654,133 in back taxes dating back to 2012 on the property, especially after the state Department of Environmental Conservation takes some of it for work it has performed cleaning up hydraulic fluid that leaked into the ground under the building’s concrete floor. But McMahon said the sale would still be a good deal for the county because it would turn an abandoned, polluted industrial property into a jobs-creating, tax-paying business.

For the complete story, click here.


Ryan laid out his PIE Plan during the State of the County address. The Plan was constructed based on the County’s strong financial position. Find out more.

CITY Mayor Calls Ryan’s Vision for County “Exciting”

City/County collaboration at heart of Ryan’s State of the County address. Learn more.

Ryan Shares Vision
for County in State of County Address

Collaboration was stressed as Ryan laid out his plan for seizing the opportunity for “generational change” in Onondaga County. Learn more.

Volunteers Needed Weekends in MArch for Petition Drive

Throughout March, volunteers are invited to join us any Saturday or Sunday as we hold a petition drive - the first step in getting Ryan on the ballot for the November election. We will meet at 709 Erie Blvd. W, Syracuse, 13204 (Katko HQ) from 10 – noon to review petition process then collect signatures from Noon - 5 in designated areas. Please note that a full five-hour commitment is NOT required. To sign up, click here. If you have questions, please email marthajaneryan@gmail.com or call 315-415-0682.


McMahon urged the local Albany delegation to restore funds to towns and villages - but not to do it at the expense of city and county property taxpayers. Read more.

Sewer System Repairs and Improvements ARE Urgent Priority

The County’s sewer system needs immediate repairs to save waterways and improve economic development opportunities. Learn more.


McMahon’s unique public service experience informs leadership style and helps him drive his policy agenda. Find out more.


Local economy gets a boost as United Airlines expands service at Hancock International with new non-stop flight to Denver. Find out more.


Hire Ground, a new city-county program run by My Father’s Kitchen, will offer people the opportunity to work in a day labor program starting May 1. Click here for details.


Tech Packs Expand Broadband Access for Rural and Low Income County Residents Click here for details.


McMahon Responds to Trump Comments - Click here for details.

McMahon Files Campaign Financial Disclosure

Onondaga County Executive J. Ryan McMahon, II today announced that his campaign for County Executive has raised $348,298.97 since November. McMahon has a total of $426,816.43 in his campaign bank account for the November 2019 race for County Executive. Eighty six percent of those donors gave $250 or less…


Ryan extends his appreciation to the Onondaga County GOP Committee, Onondaga County Conservative Party and Onondaga County Libertarian Party for their endorsement of his candidacy for County Executive in the November election.